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We love, what we do!

We want to help you understand your body better in order to be individualized and personalized
Develop nutrition. The personalized nutrition, together with a healthy lifestyle,
Sufficient sleep and regular exercise are the basis of health and vitality.

Our vision is that everyone gets the opportunity to meet their nutritional needs easily and
to be able to measure comfortably at home. Our tests offer you an insight into your nutrient balance
and possible intolerances.

We are convinced that nowadays it is all the more important to take control of your own health
take and take preventive action.


Competent team of experts

Our extensive know-how makes us the leading company in our field.

Together with a great network of experienced doctors, laboratory technicians and pharmacists, we support you with individual and holistic concepts to master the great challenges of our time.

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Reliable methods and clear laboratory reports

For our hormone and sexually transmitted diseases tests, we use scientifically researched methods that have been tested with studies. In addition, our partner laboratory regularly and successfully takes part in so-called round robin tests, in which an independent laboratory checks our results.

All work steps are recorded and archived in the laboratory software. This means that conclusions can be drawn at any time as to who carried out which work steps and when.

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To do this, we think outside the box

The measuring method of our micronutrient analysis or our intolerance test belongs just like homeopathy, acupuncture and other methods in the area of complementary directions.

Our measurement method is recognized as a proven diagnostic method within the special therapeutic directions. In conventional medicine, on the other hand, our measurement method is not the subject of scientific research.

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For every day and every single one

In order to be able to exactly supplement the individual need for micronutrients, we are one of the first companies to measure the nutrient status in advance.

It is our goal to supply the body with the optimal amount of nutrients – every person has an individual need for vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as amino acids.

We work with a well-known pharmacy in Austria, whose orthomolecularly trained pharmacists prepare nutrient mixtures according to the highest quality criteria.

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about us

Verlässliche Qualität

Unsere Tests basieren auf zuverlässigen und über Jahre etablierten Testmethoden, die wir ständig internen Kontrollen unterziehen.

Wir sind Dein Partner

Kundenzufriedenheit und Vertrauen sind unsere obersten Ziele. Wir legen daher viel Wert auf umfassende Dienstleistungskompetenz und feste Partnerschaften. Jahrelange Erfahrung gibt unseren Kunden die Sicherheit, dass sie mit dem richtigen Partner zusammenarbeiten.

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