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You can order your test in our online store. Immediately after your order you will receive your registration form.

You can conveniently take the sample yourself without any help and send it directly to us by mail, including the registration form.

As soon as your sample has been analyzed, you will receive your detailed lab report by email, which you can conveniently retrieve from your cell phone, tablet or PC.

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Our self-tests, which, in addition to a nutrient deficiency, can also reveal possible intolerances and contribute to your well-being.

We want to help our customers to live healthier and above all also free of complaints. The personal lifestyle, the diet as well as the sufficient and balanced supply of all nutrients have a great influence on your health and well-being.

Supplements can contribute to the optimal supply of nutrients, which is the basis for maximum performance. However, it is important to first test your nutrient needs before supplementing.

You are unique - and so are your nutritional needs!

Knowing your individual needs can help you achieve your goals. With our tests you will learn what your body really needs and how it reacts to food and other substances.


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